George Graham, gold cylinder with early enamel

Stock No. 1674

George Graham
London, 1740
Gold pair cases, 49 mm
Cylinder escapement


A fine cylinder watch, by George Graham, in original gold pair cases, and with the original and very rare early enamel dial

MOVEMENT : Gilt cylinder movement, signed and numbered (5941). Diamond endstone and four square baluster pillars. Well engraved winged balance cock, with a mask at the neck.

The serial number (5941) is also engraved on the underside of the balance cock table, and again on the dial plate. An interesting feature of the balance is the hairspring stud which has a square section hole and pin, rather than the normal round section. The use of square pins was first used by Thomas Tompion.

The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap, signed as the movement. Scratch marked (5941) on the back.

All in good condition, with just some light scratches to the pillar tops and a small section missing from the ornamental stop work bracket. Running well.

DIAL : Fine white enamel dial, again in excellent condition. This dial is believed to be original to the movement, making it a very early example of an English enamel dial.

Blued steel beetle and poker hands.

INNER CASE : 22ct. gold case, with shutter to the winding aperture and stirrup shaped bow.

Worn gold hallmarks for London, 1740. The serial number (5941) is stamped on the case, with case maker’s marks IW with star above.

In good condition throughout, with just some light compression to the band.
The high dome crystal is fine.

OUTER CASE : Again, with more distinct gold hallmarks for 1740. Engraved with a contemporary crest and motto.

Very good condition throughout, with just one small dent to the bezel.

The gold cases are quite heavy, at about 70 gms.

REFERENCE : This watch is listed in “Thomas Tompion 300 Years” by Jeremy Evans, Jonathan Carter & Ben Wright. This excellent book includes lists of movement serial numbers for Tompion and his successors. This reference indicates that No. 5941 is believed to have an original white enamel dial.

George Graham

The case maker’s mark is for John Ward, of Boars Head Court, Fleet Street, London.

The beautifully engraved family crest and motto on the back of the outer case is possibly for Sir William Stapleton, 4th baronet of The Leeward Islands.