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** New Watches **
lists of antique pocket watches for sale are constantly being updated, highlighting watches recently added, so please keep checking for updates. These are just some of the new watches that have recently been added.

1765 – Gold repousse pair cases, verge – Esquivillon & De Choudens, Paris
1700 – Silver pair cases, verge – John Bushman, London

1720 – Gilt oignon verge – Jean Artus, Paris
1778 – Gold pair cases, verge – Richard Camden, London
1780 – Gold & peacock enamel verge – Julien LeRoy, Paris
1780 – Gold repousse verge – Du Fertre, Paris
1824 – Silver hunter case, cylinder – Redmond, London

1820 – Ruby duplex movement only – James McCabe, London
1820 – Rack lever movement only – Benjamin Turpin, London

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We specialise in the sale of early English and Continental watches, mainly from the 18th century and early 19th century, and always try to offer a variety of interesting watches. These include antique pocket watches with verge, cylinder and duplex movements, and usually some vintage watches with early lever or rack lever movements. Complications such as repeaters, alarms and clockwatches are often featured.

We always have some pocket watches with interesting cases, including gold and silver repousse, triple cases, pair cases, hunter cases, half hunters, enamel cases, and anything unusual or ornamental.

The watches for sale include examples with interesting dials, such as gold and silver champleve, polychrome and calendars. Our Workshop page includes watch cases, movements, watch chains, chatelaines and antique watch keys.