Stock No. : 1120

Andrew Dunlop
London, 1732
Gold repousse pair cases, 47.5 mm.
Named dial
Verge movement


An interesting “name” dial and verge escapement fusee movement, by a fine London maker, in a 22 carat gold repousse case.

MOVEMENT : Nice typical early 18th century English verge movement, with worm screw mainspring set up, square pillars and the winged balance cock with a nice wide foot. Unusual serpent regulator arrow. Beautifully pierced, engraved and gilded. It is signed (And Dunlop, LONDON) and numbered (2441).

It is in good condition and running well. The movement catch is complete but the small pin than should protrude through the slot in the dial is missing.

DIAL : The very unusual white enamel dial has the owner’s name “BENJAMIN KING” spelt out on the dial in dark red numbers, instead of numbers. It is in reasonable condition with some very light hairlines and three small repairs on the edge between 4 and 6. Unusual matching gold hands.

This dial is a replacement. Probably added in the late 18th century when many watches were ‘upgraded’ with more fashionable enamel dials .

INNER CASE : Hallmarks for 22 ct gold, London 1732, maker IS and stamped with the same serial number as the movement. The case is in good condition with the hinge and catch fine. The case snaps shut nicely. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is also in good condition. The bow and pendant are later, and are a rose gold colour (tested as high carat gold). There are a few light bruises on the back of the case and some compression, but generally in very good condition.

OUTER CASE : The fine 22ct solid gold repousse pair case is in good condition. Some wear to the high points on the back but no holes, filling or repairs. The hinge and catch are fine with the catch button complete and undented.

The gold cases, excluding movement and crystal, weigh about 55 gms.

Loomes lists Andrew Dunlop in London up to 1732.