Stock No. : 0156

Robert Stephenson
Skelton, c1780
Gilt case
Verge movement


This is an English gilt consular cased pocket watch, with a verge escapement fusee movement, and polychrome dial. It was made by Robert Stevenson of Skelton, around 1780.

MOVEMENT : Nicely gilded movement, with square pillars and beautifully engraved and pierced balance cock. Signed and numbered (19262) movement in good working condition. The dial has a calender ring and hand but please note that the underdial calender wheel is absent..

DIAL : The charming painted enamel dial shows pastural scene. The dial is about 37.5 mm in diameter. It is in good condition with just a few surface scratches and some rubbing on the bottom edge.
Gold coloured hands and blued steel calendar pointer.

CASE : Gilt on brass, in good condition with very little wear to the gilding. Both hinges and catch are fine. No bad scratches or dents.

This is a nice early English watch, with a charming painted scene, which I believe is original to the watch.