George Prior (1750-1825)

A London maker, specialising in clocks and watches for the Ottoman market, from about 1770. The watches are usually with Turkish numerals on the dial, and within multiple cases (pairs, triples and quadruples).

Edward Prior (active c1812-?)

Son and successor of George, and like his father was a good London maker of watches for Turkey and the Ottoman Empire.

Prior continued to make thick, multi cased, verge watches, of an earlier style, right up until the late 19th century.

According to some research published by Jan Kraminer, the serial numbers of Prior watches may be roughly dated as follows:


1772 No. 6053

1777 No. 11773

1782 No. 14580

1790 No. 16672 

1800 No. 28674

1810 No. 35821

1813 No. 41966


1814 No. 38694

1820 No. 45662

1833 No. 50699

1840 No. 57710

1850 No. 65764

1862 No. 74360

1875 No. 80191

Photos :

Silver and shell quadruple cased verge, Edward Prior, 1842.

Silver and shell triple cased verge, George Prior, 1804.

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