Edward Banger (1668 – 1720)

Edward Banger was born in about 1668. His father was Edward Banger, joiner of North Petherton, near Bridgewater in Somerset. Edward senior married Ann Bellamie in 1660 at North Petherton and had five other children – Hannah, Richard, William, Mary and Dorothy.

Edward Banger was apprenticed on 27th September, 1687 to Joseph Ashby, and during that apprenticeship was ‘turned over’ to Thomas Tompion.
He became free of the Clockmakers’ Company on 1st July, 1695, and continued to work with Tompion, as his partner from 1701, with many fine clocks and watches signed by them together.

Banger married Margaret Kent (Tompion’s niece) at St. Mildred’s, Bread Street, on 18th December, 1694. This marriage was unusual and contrary to the terms of his apprenticeship indenture, so may have caused disagreement between Tompion and Banger. Banger left Tompion’s service in about 1708, and was possibly dismissed, for Tompion made it clear in his will that the properties he left to his niece Margaret Banger were not to come under the control of Banger.

Although little is known of Banger’s life after leaving Tompion, he probably remained in London. He died in March or April, 1720.


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