Early English Shell/Silver Outer Case

Stock No. P070

English, c1700

Early tortoiseshell & silver outer case


Diameter 52.5 mm, inner bezel diameter 45.8 mm, inner depth to bezel 18 mm.

Brass base with silver rims. Shell covering and fine silver inlay to back.

The brass case itself is in good condition and the hinge, catch and catch button are all complete and working correctly. The bezel is slightly bent so when closed there is a gap at the neck.

The shell is nearly complete with just one larger section missing from the bezel at 5 and a smaller chip on the rim of the bezel at 10. There are a couple of repairs (patches) to the shell on the edge of the back at 12 and 5, and a couple of tiny chips.

The silver pin work and inlay on the back and bezel are in good condition with just a few tiny pieces missing. The upper rim of the bezel has no silver rim, but no obvious indication that there ever was one.