Stock No. : P036

Continental, c1780
Gilt & enamel triple cases, 41.6 mm.


Fine little triple cases, in good unrestored condition.

Diameter 31.7 mm, inner diameter 27 mm, inner depth to dial plate base 12 mm.

Maker’s mark FC with serial number 35239. also stamped LETON (gold plated).

Very good condition throughout. The hinge is fine and the case snaps shut.
The high dome crystal is also fine. Wear to the gilding throughout.

MIDDLE CASE : Gem set gilt with enamel back.
Makers mark as the inner.

Good condition, with no crystals missing from the bezel though about 20 missing from the surround to the enamel on the back. The enamel plaque has a few scratches but has not been restored.

The catch button is formed by a large crystal. The catch, button and hinge are all fine and the case snaps shut correctly.

OUTER CASE : Gilt with leather covered bezels and glass exhibition back.
Diameter 41.6 mm.

Good condition again. Some minor damage to the red leather covering of the bezels, but otherwise fine.
The high dome crystal has one scratch but otherwise is ok. The hinge is fine and the case closes correctly.

This case, from about 1770, was probably made in Paris, but could have been Geneva.