Stock No. M191

Erasmus Mickelwright
London, c1690
Verge movement & dial


MOVEMENT : Signed Erus. Mickelwright.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : The watch movement runs for a few moments before stopping. The movement is dirty but is complete and in good condition, so needs to be stripped down and cleaned.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 9.9 mm between the plates. Top plate 39.5 mm. Dial plate 41 mm.

DIAL : Much later white enamel dial, in poor condition.

No hands but complete with motion wheels.

DIAL SIZE : 42.7 mm..

Erasmus Mickelwright is listed in London from 1666 until 1690. His son, of the same name, is listed free of the Clockmakers’ Company 1708. This watch is earlier than 1708, so is probably by Erasmus Mickelwright senior.