Stock No. M183

Morgan Herbert
London, c1700
Verge movement, mock pendulum & dial


MOVEMENT : Signed. Mock pendulum balance cock.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : Complete, except for the fusee chain which is absent and the balance staff which is broken. Otherwise in good condition.

The fusee cone is very deeply cut, with rounded grooves, so this watch may originally have had a gut line rather than a fusee chain.

The motion wheels are present.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 11 mm between the plates. Top plate 39 mm. Dial plate 40 mm. Dial false plate 42 mm.

DIAL : White enamel dial, with scratches and one hairline. The centre aperture has been enlarged slightly and the dial is slightly too small for the false plate. It is a mid 18thc dial so a replacement.

The hands are absent.