Thomas Tompion

Stock No. M163

Thomas Tompion
London, c1699
Verge movement & dial plate


MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (2893). Egyptian pillars, large winged balance cock and steel balance wheel with reeded rim.

The serial number is engraved on the top plate (scratched) but more clearly on the dial plate. The dial plate has an attractive herring bone engraved rim.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : Complete and running.

Good condition though some scratches around a pillar top at the serial number, and some wear to the centre of the balance cock.

The dial false plate and minute wheel are present, but the cannon pinion and hour wheel are absent.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 9.6 mm between the plates. Top plate 38 mm. Dial plate 40 mm. Dial false plate 41 mm.

REFERENCE : This watch is listed in ‘Thomas Tompion 300 Years’, by Jeremy Evans, Jonathan Carter and Ben Wright. This recent and wonderful reference book documents Tompion watches. The serial number of this watch (No. 2893) indicates a date of around 1699.