Fine early verge movement

Stock No. M161

London, c1730
Verge movement & dial


This is a very fine quality London verge movement, on almost mint condition.
The bezel from the watch case is still present. This tests as gold, which reflects the quality of this movement.

MOVEMENT : Signed and numbered (3505. Four square baluster pillars.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : Complete and running.

Excellent condition.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 5.2 mm between the plates. Top plate 32.5 mm. Dial plate 33.4 mm.

DIAL : Later enamel dial with winding aperture.

In good condition except for the large chip at 6. Very nice gilt hands.

Complete with gold bezel and high dome crystal, both in good condition.

DIAL SIZE : 37.8 mm. (dial false plate).

There were several generations of Cabrier working in London through the 18th century. I believe this movement is by Charles II who worked from 1719..