Early verge movement by Joseph Windmills, London

Stock No. M156

Joseph Windmills
London, c1680
Verge movement


MOVEMENT : Gilded full plate movement, verge escapement, decoratively pierced very large balance cock.

This movement has no central arbor and the hour wheel would be driven directly from the fusee. Like most watches of this period, it was almost certainly made as a single handed watch (hour only).

Signed “J. Windmills, London”.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : Dirty but complete, with the only visible damage being to the left hand side of the balance cock foot, which has broken off. However the balance cock is still held firmly.

The movement runs intermittently and requires a full strip and clean.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 10.5 mm between the plates. Top plate 38.5 mm. Dial plate 40 mm.