Verge repeating movement by Quare & Horseman, London

Stock No. M155

Daniel Quare & Stephen Horseman
London, c1720
Verge repeating movement


A small repeating movement by these important London makers.

MOVEMENT : Gilded full plate movement, verge escapement, decoratively pierced and floral engraved balance cock with a mask at the neck, flat three-arm balance with fusee and chain, turned pillars, polished steel hammers.

Signed and numbered Quare S Horseman, London, 1158. Gilt metal dust cap signed D Quare & S Horseman, London, and numbered 1158.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : Clean and complete, but the mainspring has broken (or detached from the barrel). The fusee chain is fine and the balance swings nicely with a little pressure on the contrate wheel.

REPEAT WORK : Incomplete. Hopefully the photos will indicate any parts absent.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 6 mm between the plates. Top plate 31.5 mm. Dial plate 35 mm.