Cylinder movement by Mudge & Dutton

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Thomas Mudge & William Dutton
London, c1770
Cylinder escapement movement & dial

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This is a fine cylinder escapement movement, by the partnership of the great Thomas Mudge and his partner William Dutton.

MOVEMENT : Gilded cylinder movement, with finely engraved and pierced balance cock, with diamond endstone. Signed (Mudge & Dutton, London) and numbered (1048).
The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap, which is also fully signed.

MOVEMENT CONDITION : In good condition with just a few scratches around the pillar tops. The steel case catch (at 6) is absent. Running well.

MOVEMENT SIZE : 7.25 mm between the plates. Top plate 38 mm. Dial plate 40 mm.

DIAL : Enamel dial, with damage on the edge between 2 and 4. No hands but complete with motion wheels.

DIAL SIZE : 40.9 mm. (dial false plate 41.4 mm.).

William Dutton became partner to Thomas Mudge in around 1750 and took over the business from Mudge in 1771.