Cold Painted Bronze Crocodile Clock

Stock No. : H007

Bronze Crocodile Clock
Austria, c1910

Price £6000

Length 61 cm.
Width 30.5 cms.
Height 21.5 cms.
Weight 11 kgs.

A fine and very substantial bronze clock, in the form of a crocodile with a drum cased clock in its jaws. Almost certainly influenced by the crocodile in the Peter Pan Stories of J.M. Barrie. These stories were written during the first few years of the 20th century so this clock probably dates to around 1910.

The crocodile is beautifully cast in bronze with gilt and cold painted details. The quality of the bronze indicates that it was probably made in Austria, though there are no visible maker’s marks.

The bronze is in fine condition, and shows very little wear.

The clock itself is a replacement, later than the bronze (and probably dial). It was made by the Hermle company in Germany, probably around 1960.  The model number (marked under the bells) is 130-070.  With an 8 day duration, the brass twin train movement strikes on 2 bells.  An unusual floating balance with a vertical spring.

It has a 3 inch enamel dial, surrounded by a laurel cast bezel.

The clock is running and striking correctly. The dial has a little damage around the winding apertures. Complete with key.