18thc. 2 Train Birdcage Turret Clock

Stock No. : H005

2 Train Birdcage Turret Clock

Unsigned, English
Mid 18th c.
Iron frame


Dimensions – Iron frame – 30.5 x 20 x 32 height (inches including feet)
Wooden stand – 18 x 29.5 x 43 inches
Pendulum – 48 inches (including suspension)

A mid 18th century English ‘birdcage’ 2 train turret clock. Complete, restored and running (both clock and strike train). A number of external parts and accessories are included.

The iron from has brass finals and brass bearings. The twin barrels and pendulum are wooden with brass fittings.

The clock itself has been restored and is running. Included are :

2 large lead weights
Iron winder with wooden handle
Matching hands, black painted copper, counter weighted with lead
Under dial gearing to drive minute and hour hand
Universal coupling, brass, to allow hands to function at an angle
10 x pulley wheels, assorted sized
5 x suspension hooks

Although the strike train is complete and working, there is no bell or hammer. The hands and minute/hour wheels are present, but no dial. The pulley wheels and hooks are unrestored and require cleaning or sand blasting.

PROVENANCE : This clock was removed from the tower of a large North Devon historic house, after a fire in 1943. The clock was later replaced by a modern electric clock and has been stored since then. The wing of the house (destroyed in 1943) which housed the clock, was originally built in 1789 (also after a fire).