Exceptionally thin 18thc. cylinder watch

Stock No. 1993

F. Messt
Heidelberg, c1780
Silver case, 53 mm
Cylinder escapement

Price £2000

This is a very unusual late 18thc. watch, with a particularly thin cylinder movement, and early form of free standing mainspring barrel.

MOVEMENT : A very unusual and heavily engraved gilt cylinder movement, with small gold balance wheel, curved polished steel bridges, free standing barrel and blued steel screws. The depth from the dial plate to the balance cock is only about 5 mm.

The barrel is signed : F Messt a Heidelberg

The movement is protected by a hinged glass cover, with engraved gilt bezel, which is spring hinged at 12, and released by a small steel catch at 6.

The movement is in good condition and is running well.

DIAL : A large white signed enamel dial, in reasonable condition.

Signed : Bujard & Compe.

There are 2 fine hairlines running from the edge at 12 and 6 towards the centre, and a repair on the edge at 12.

Nice matching gilt hands.

CASE : Silver case with rubbed maker’s mark.

The case is in good condition. The hinges are fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly. Just a few small bruises to the silver. The high dome crystal has a few chips around the edge.

This watch dates from the late 18thc., and has a very thin movement for the period. Possibly a prototype or experimental one off movement.

I believe that the dial is original to this watch as there are no additional holes in the dial plate and the dial is secured by the usual 3 pins through the feet of the dial. Bujard & Company where possibly the retailers of the watch,