Silver astomomical calendar with Nelson, Trafalgar celebration

Stock No. 1967

James Birchal
Coventry, 1819
Silver pair cases, 59 mm
Verge escapement, named astronomical calendar dial
Nelson Trafalgar commemoration


A rare and fascinating early 19thc. watch, with the unusual features of a named cream multi dial including a moon phase astronomical calendar, and a commemoration on the balance cock to Nelson and The Battle of Trafalgar.

MOVEMENT : Gilt fusee movement, with verge escapement, very nicely engraved and pierced balance cock.
This features naval emblems, including an anchor at the top, banners inscribed “LORD NELSON|’ and “TRAFALGAR”, and a head and shoulders profile of Nelson.
Four round baluster pillars, blues screws and silver regulator disk.

Signed Jas. Birchal, COVENTRY and numbered 140.

The steel lever, under the dial at 4, allows the movement to be stopped and restarted.
The movement is in good complete condition and is running well. Both the stop/start mechanism and calendars are complete and functioning correctly, moving forward one day every 24 hours.

DIAL : A very unusual cream enamel calendar dial, with original owner’s name JOHN CALLOW in place of hour numerals around the edge, a subsidiary seconds dial at 6, and calendar dials at 10 and 2.

The left hand calendar dial is an astronomical calendar, showing the number of days passed in the lunar cycle (29.5 days). The right hand calendar shows the date within the month (31 days).

The dial is in good condition with no repairs, but with 3 light hairlines (6 to 12, 11 to 3, and 8 to seconds centre). There are some light scratches and a little fading to the numerals.

Blued steel hands.

INNER CASE : Silver, with hallmarks for London, 1819, maker’s mark SB.

In good condition throughout. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut. The high dome, bulls eye crystal has some scratches but no chips

OUTER CASE : Silver, with matching hallmarks and maker to the inner.

In good condition, though the inner surface is tarnished. The hinge and catch are fine, though the catch button is worn and dented. The case snaps shut correctly.