Gold & Enamel Cylinder Repeating Pocket Watch

Stock No. 1956

France, c1780
Gold & enamel case, 37 mm
Cylinder escapement, quarter repeating movement


A good quality cylinder repeater, and a beautiful rose gold and enamel case. The
movement is slightly too small for the case, so unless there is something missing this must be a marriage.

MOVEMENT : Gilded movement with cylinder escapement. Gold balance wheel and steel escape wheel. Two polished steel repeating hammers and standing mainspring barrel.

The movement is unsigned.

The watch movement is running well, and the repeat is working.

DIAL : Gold dial, with a few very light scratches but generally in very good condition.

Matching blued steel hands, again in good condition.

CASE : This is a wonderful rose gold case with blue guilloche enamel to the back. Both front bezel and back border are set with split seed pearls. The gold tests as high carat gold, with no maker’s mark. The hinged inner cover (cuvette) in the back is gilt brass.

All in excellent condition. The gold and enamel are both perfect with no damage or signs of wear. The pearls are complete and undamaged. The crystal is fine The sprung bezel and both back covers snap shut correctly.

The movement is loose in the case, so is either missing a fixing point, or is a mismatch. The repeater plunger on the case seems too long for the movement.

However the case does have a repeat plunger on the stem, so this case is certainly for a repeater.