Vienna enamel ball watch

Stock No. 1950

FS. Mayer
Vienna, c1780
Silver gilt & enamel case, 33.5 mm. diameter
Verge escapement


A beautiful little ball watch with typical Vienna enamel work. In exceptional condition.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance bridge, unusual regulator, and four round pillars.

Signed : “Fs. Mayer a la Ville de Karlsbad, a Vienne” and numbered 1429.

In excellent condition and running well.

DIAL : The white enamel dial is in reasonable condition though with a crack and repair at the top between 11 and 1, and a smaller repair on the edge at 8.

Breguet style blued steel hands.

CASE : A wonderful ball shaped case, with enamel covers decorated within and without. The rims, pendant and stem are of gilded silver, with tiny silver marks on the bow and inner rim.

The enamel covers are beautifully decorated with classical figures to the outsides and foliage with flowers to the insides.

The silver work is all in good condition, though most of the gilding has worn from the outer surfaces. The hinges and catch are fine and the bezel and the covers close nicely.

The polychrome enamel is in excellent unrestored condition, with no cracks or chips, and just a couple of small scratches.

Fs. Mayer is listed at Karlsbad (Germany) and Vienna circa 1775.