Large Silver & Shagreen Verge Pocket Watch

Stock No. 1942

Marc Thomegay
Geneva, c1700
Silver & shagreen pair cases, 61.5 mm
Verge escapement


A very substantial and early verge in silver & shagreen pair cases. The cases are in exceptionally fine condition.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with a very large engraved and pierced winged balance cock, featuring birds, foliage and scrolls. Four Egyptian style pillars.


In very good condition and running well.

DIAL : Fine silver champleve dial, with signed central disk .

In particularly good condition.

Good early 18thc. blued steel beetle hour hand. The minute poker hand is a bit later.

INNER CASE : A heavy silver case, with no maker’s.

In excellent condition throughout. The bow and stem are fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is also good.

OUTER CASE : Again, a heavy gauge silver, with no maker’s marks. Shagreen covering to the bezel and back, with decorative silver pins.

In excellent condition throughout. The hinge, catch button and catch are fine and the case closes correctly. The shagreen retains a nice uniform green colour with no damage. The decorated silver pins are complete with none missing.

Marc Thomegay is listed in Geneva from 1679 until 1729. His son, also Marc and also a watchmaker, moved to London in about 1725. The family were Huguenots.

The style of this movement indicates a date of around 1700, so probably made my Marc senior in Geneva.  But the case might indicate a slightly later date, so it could be by Marc junior, and therefore made in London.