Late 18thc. enamel verge pocket watch

Stock No. 1903

Swiss, c1780
Gilt & enamel case, 54 mm.
Verge escapement

Price £1350

A large Swiss verge in a gilt case, with particularly fine enamel decoration to the back.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance bridge and four round pillars. Unsigned.

In good, original condition and running well.

DIAL : A white enamel dial, in good condition, with just one small chip on the edge at 6.

Fancy gilt hands.

CASE : A gilt case, with enamel decoration to the back, with crystal set border, and a crystal set bezel to the front. The particularly fine enamel plaque on the back shows a classically dressed warrior, holding a shield.

The metalwork is all in good condition, with the gilding still bright on the outer surfaces, and a little tarnished to the inside. The hinges and catch are fine and the bezel snaps shut. The crystal set bezel has just one crystal missing, and none from the border on the back.

The enamel on the back is in good condition, with no chips. Just some light scratches and some hairlines, mostly visible on the sky.

The high dome crystal is fine.

This watch has a typical late 18thc. Continental movement and was probably made in Switzerland, though could be from France.