Late 18thc. triple cases Ottoman verge

Stock No. 1895

Benjamin Barber
London, 1792
Shell & silver triple cases, 65mm
Verge escapement


A late 18thc. verge watch, in silver and tortoiseshell cases, made for the Turkish market.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance cock. Four round pillars and silver regulator disk (Turkish numerals)..

In excellent, almost mint condition. Running well.

Benjn. Barber, London and numbered 3137.

DIAL : A signed white enamel dial, with Turkish numbers. Good early steel beetle and poker hands

In good condition, though with one light hairline from the centre to 3, and a few short scratches.

Gilt beetle and poker hands.

INNER CASE : Silver, hallmarked for London 1792 with marker’s mark IR.

In excellent condition throughout. The hinge is fine and the bezel closes, though leaves a slight gap on one side. The high dome crystal is fine.

MIDDLE CASE : Silver, with hallmarks matching the inner.

Again the silver is in very good condition throughout. The hinge and catch are fine and the case snaps shut correctly. The catch button is a little flattened.

OUTER CASE : A heavy silver plated brass outer case with a shell covering.

In good condition, though with some slight damage and restoration to the shell covering around the rom of the back. Only 8 silver pins missing from the pique work.

Benjamin Barber is listed in London between 1785 and 1794.