Large Paris Ottoman verge pocket watch

Stock No. 1890

Julien Le Roy
Paris, c1790
Silver case, 66 mm.
Verge escapement

Price £1100

A very substantial Paris verge, made for the Turkish market.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance bridge, large silver regulator disk and four round pillars. Turkish numerals to the regulator disk.

Signed Juillien Le Roy, A Paris.

In quite good condition, with a few scratches and some tarnishing. The movement catch (at 6 o’clock) is absent. Running well.

DIAL : A signed white enamel dial, with Turkish numeral to the chapter.
In very good condition with just a little rubbing around the centre aperture.

Nice matching gilt hands.

CASE : A substantial silver case, with worn maker’s marks to the top of the stem, and B&D stamped on the inside. The winding aperture shutter is present but the case originally had a sprung cover to the aperture which is absent (just the end of this spring remains, attached to the inside of the case at 10).

The silver is a little tarnished in places, but otherwise in good condition. The hinge, catch and catch button are all fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly

The high dome crystal has a few light scratches but is otherwise fine.