London, duplex, centre seconds pocket watch

Stock No. 1887

William Ilbery
London, 1825
Silver hunter case, 54 mm
Duplex escapement, centre seconds


A very fine quality London watch, by this wonderful maker, with ruby roller duplex escapement and centre seconds.

MOVEMENT : Gilt movement, the duplex escapement with ruby roller. Beautifully engraved and pierced balance cock, with portrait medallion at the neck and military emblems above. Four round pillars.

Signed Ilbery, London and numbered 5396.

In excellent condition with just a few light scratches. Running well.

The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap.

DIAL : A fine white enamel dial, in perfect condition except for one long light hairline running across from 9 to 5.

Gold hands in nice condition.

CASE : A heavy silver hunter case, with London hallmarks for 1825 and maker’s mark WR below a lozange. Engraved empty cartouche to the front cover. The front cover is sprung, so flips open when the button on the stem is depressed.

In good condition throughout. The hinges are fine and both covers snaps shut correctly. The crystal is good. The silver is rubbed and lightly scratched, but no dents or other damage.

The case has a small slot cut into the side at 5, which would have been to allow for a stop/start lever. I don’t think that this movement ever had this function, so the case may be a replacement (though perfectly fitted).

The emblems shown on the balance cock are military, and the portrait on the neck of this watch looks very like the profile of The Duke of Wellington.

William Ilbury is listed in London from 1780. He died in 1839.

Ilbery made many wonderful and very ornate enamel cased watches for the Chinese market. This watch is of excellent quality, and probably made for the English market.