Late 18thc. Swiss verge pocket watch

Stock No. 1883

Fres Des Roches
Geneva, c1780
Gilt & enamel case, 54.25 mm.
Verge escapement


A large Swiss verge in a gilt case, with enamel decoration.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance bridge, large silvered regulator disk and four round pillars.

Signed Fres Des Roches A Geneve

In very good condition and running well.

DIAL : A fine signed white enamel dial, in very good condition with just some small thin chips and
scratches around the edge (the most visible at 3).

Crystal set white metal hands.

CASE : An attractive gilt case, with enamel & crystal decoration to the back and a crystal set bezel to the front. Gilt metal engraved rims. The back enamel plaque shows a gold and coloured vase with flowers, set into a blue enamel background, all within a very finely decorated border.

The gilt metal is all in good condition, with most of the gilding still complete. The hinges and catch are fine and the bezel snaps shut. The crystal set bezel is mostly complete with just about 18 crystals missing.

The enamel on the back is still in nice, bright condition, though there is some restoration to the bottom left corner (the gold colours shows as a little dull).

The high dome crystal is good, with just a couple of tiny chips on the edge, hidden by the bezel.