Independent seconds with ruby cylinder

Stock No. 1877

Bordeaux, c1830
Silver case, 56 mm
Ruby cylinder escapement, independent seconds

Price £1250

A wonderful quality French watch, with ruby cylinder escapement and independent seconds.

MOVEMENT : Gilt movement, with ruby cylinder escapement. Two winding barrels, one for the hours/minutes and the other for the independent seconds.

In excellent condition with just a few light scratches. Running well.

DIAL : A very fine, original white enamel dial, very much in the style of Abraham Louis Breguet.

In almost perfect condition, with just one scratch halfway between the centre and 6.

Blued steel hands, again in the style of Breguet. Nice condition.

CASE : Silver, with gold hinges. The slide on the band at 6 allows the independent seconds to be stopped and started. Signed (Vaucher a Bordeaux) on the gilt cuvette.

There are various silver marks and serial numbers on the inside of the back cover. Engine turning to the back, band and bezel.

In good condition throughout. The hinges are fine and both the bezel, cuvette and back cover all snaps shut correctly. The high dome crystal is perfect except for one small chip on the edge at 1.
The engine turning shows wear to the bezel and back.

The ruby cylinder was used by Abraham Louis Breguet to reduce the friction in cylinder escapements. The cylinder itself is composed of a half tube formed ruby (sometimes sapphire), set into two steel plugs, each with a pivot. This was a very expensive innovation and although found in many genuine Breguet watches of this period is rarely found in watches by other makers.

Vaucher of Bordeaux is listed in Tardy’s ‘Horlogers Francais’ as working between 1809 and 1831.