Late 18thc. Paris gold & enamel

Stock No. 1875

Paris, c1780
Gold case, 37.75 mm.
Cylinder conversion escapement


A late 18thc. Paris watch in a beautiful 2 coloured gold case, with charming enamel painting inside.

MOVEMENT : Gilt cylinder movement, originally with a verge escapement and subsequently converted to a cylinder.

Signed Denis A PARIS.

In good condition and running well.

DIAL : White enamel dial, in excellent condition with just some very light scratches. No repairs.

Good typically Continental gold hands.

CASE : A very fine gold case, with yellow and rose gold decoration to the bezel and back. The inner back cover of the case opens to reveal a beautifully painted enamel, showing the biblical scene of Suzanne.

The gold is in very good condition, with just a little wear to the high points of the decoration on the back. The hinges and catch are complete and the bezel and back cover snap shut. The catch button is fine.

The enamel is also in good condition with just a few small chips on the left hand edge and some cracks near this edge. The high dome crystal is good.

The story of Suzanne and the elders is a biblical episode telling the story of a young woman, Suzanne, observed while taking a bath. She refuses the proposals of the old men. In revenge, they accuse her of adultery and have her sentenced to death, but the prophet Daniel, still a teenager, intervenes and proves her innocence. He has the old men condemned. The episode is in chapter 13 of the Book of Daniel.