Repeating verge by Quare & Horseman

Stock No. 1845

Daniel Quare & Stephen Horseman
London, c1720
Gilt pair cases, 52.5 mm.
Verge escapement, quarter repeating


An early 18th century repeating verge by this famous partnership.

MOVEMENT : A very fine gilt movement with verge escapement, engraved and pierced balance cock with a mask to the neck and a diamond endstone.

Signed D.QUARE & S.Horseman, London and numbered 897.
The movement is protected by a gilt dustcap, signed as the movement.

Quarter repeating with two steel hammers striking a bell. The repeating function is activated by pushing down the stem. This strikes once for each hour, and twice for each quarter. Good tone to the chimes.

The pulse piece allows the chime to be disabled (dumb repeating) by pressing a steel lever at the base of the dial near 7. This has worn a little short but still works and can be accessed with the bezel open.

The movement and bell are in good condition, and the watch is running well and repeating correctly.

DIAL : Gilt dial, with engine turned engraving and engraved rosette to the centre.

There are a few rub marks but generally in good condition. Nice 18th century steel beetle hour hand and later steel minute. A little damage to one wing of the beetle hand.

INNER CASE : Gilt, heavily engraved and pierced, with birds, foliage and a mask.

The case is in good condition, and the bezel snaps shut correctly. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is good. The gilding is complete on the body of the case, but worn from the stem and bow.

OUTER CASE : A later gilt case.

In good condition though with wear to the gilding on the rims and centre of the back. The hinge, catch and catch button are fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly.

The dial and outer case are probably later replacements, though the outer is a perfect fit for the inner case.

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Stephen Horseman joined Daniel Quare as an apprentice in 1709 and died in 1724.