Early 19thc. Swiss clockwatch

Stock No. 1830

Swiss, c1810
Silver case, 57 mm.
Verge escapement, clockwatch


A quite rare and substantial, early19th century silver verge watch, striking on the hour and half hour.

MOVEMENT : A large gilt movement with verge escapement and gilt pierced and engraved balance bridge. Two mainsprings, for movement and strike.

The watch movement is in good condition, and is running well.

On the side of the case there is a lever to disable the strike. The hours (one strike for each hour) and half hours (single strike) are struck by a polished steel hammer on a single gong.

A button on the top of the stem allows the previous hours to be repeated. A slide on the band at 2 disables this repeat

DIAL : White enamel dial.

In quite good condition, with some small hairlines near the edge at 2 and a filled chip, again on the edge at 9:30. The 2 dial feet are absent, so the dial is firmly left by a small amount of adhesive. However the positions of the dial feet match the holes in the dial plate so the dial appears to be original.

Unmatched steel hands.

CASE : The silver case has a ribbed band, with engine turned engraving on the back.
Maker’s mark FRT and serial number 3920 stamped on the inside of the cover. Swiss silver marks on the cover and bow.

Gilt sprung cuvette, with winding apertures for movement and strike.

The case is in good condition, though with some wear to the engine turning on the back. The high dome crystal is fine. All hinges are fine and the bezel, back cover and cuvette all close correctly.