A Late 17thc. London Verge

Stock No. 1809

William Garfoot
London, c1680
Silver pair cases, 52 mm
Verge movement


A late 17thc. London verge, in silver pair cases.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with a large and particularly well engraved and extensively pierced winged balance cock. Four wonderfully ornate tulip pillars. Reeded balance wheel, with anticlockwise hairspring spiral (watches are normally the opposite).

Signed Will. Garfoot, London.

In good condition and running well.

This is an early movement, as seen from the irregular shape of the balance cock foot, the balance wheel with grooves (reeded, as used by Tompion), and the piercing to the balance cock and plate.

DIAL : Fine silver champleve dial, with central disk signed as the movement.

In good condition, though just a little worn to the central disc. Nice original 18th century steel hands.

INNER CASE : Silver, with worn maker’s mark.

In reasonable condition, except around the neck where there is a short crack. This has been repaired and reinforced from the inside of the case. T
The hinge has one worn sleeve, but the bezel snaps shut correctly. The high dome, bull’s eye crystal is good.

OUTER CASE : Silver, with no maker’s mark.

In quite good condition. There are small bruises to the bezel and back, though the hinge, catch and catch button are ok and the bezel snaps shut.

This outer case is slightly too big for the inner, so is probably a replacement.

William Garfoot is listed at the Middle Temple Gate from 1673. He was free from 1680 and worked until 1700.