Mid 18thc. London Gold Repeater

Stock No. 1783

Edward Pistor
London, 1766
Gold pair cases, 49 mm.
Verge escapement, quarter repeat


A mid 18th century London gold repeating watch, with verge escapement, in gold pair cases.

MOVEMENT : Gilded verge escapement, engraved and pierced balance cock, with diamond endstone. Four rounds baluster pillars, silver regulator disk and clean blued steel screws.

Signed ‘Edw. Pistor, London’ and numbered 560.

The movement is in good, complete condition, and is running well.

The repeat function works correctly, chiming clearly when the pendant is pushed down. This causes striking of the internal bell with two polished steel hammers.
The pulse piece allow the chimes to be disabled by pressing a lever at the base of the dial near 7.

The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap, signed as the movement.

DIAL : Fine white enamel dial. In excellent condition with just a few very light scratches and some tiny flakes on the edge at 3.

Fine gold hands, with heart shaped ends. The minute has been repaired and the stem is a yellow rather than rose gold.

INNER CASE : 22ct. gold, with London hallmarks for 1766 under the bell with the maker’s mark ‘HPC’. Beautifully pierced and engraved.

In excellent condition, with just a little compression around the band. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly. The gold stem and bow are also in very good condition. The high dome crystal is good.

OUTER CASE : A probably slightly later gold outer pair case with no hallmarks and maker’s mark MR. The gold tests to about 18ct. Pierced with small sound holes and beautifully engraved decoration to the bezel and back. The centre of the back is finely engraved with a monogram.

In excellent condition. The hinge, catch button and catch are all fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly. This is quite a substantial outer case, weighing about 33.5 gms.

The inner case maker’s mark is for Hannah & Peter Crammillion, of Clerkenwell, London.
The outer case maker’s mark is for Mary Reasey, of Soho, London. She is listed around 1773, so it seems that this outer cases was probably commissioned not long after the watch was made, and specially for this watch by the owner, having the case personalised with the monogram.

Edward Pistor is listed at Prescot Street, London between 1755 and 1777.