Early 19th century Rack Lever

Stock No. 1758

Robert Roskell
Liverpool, 1815
Silver pair cases, 57 mm
Rack lever escapement


A fine quality Liverpool rack lever, in silver pair cases, in excellent condition.

MOVEMENT : Nice quality gilded rack lever fusee movement, with blued screws, diamond endstone and removable gilt brass dustcap. Signed and numbered (8372).

All in good original condition, with just a few scratches to the top plate. Running well.

DIAL : White enamel. Perfect condition except for just a few very light surface scratches. Fine gold hands.

INNER CASE : Silver hallmarks for Chester, 1815, maker EM. Excellent condition throughout. The case snaps shut nicely and the bull’s eye crystal is fine.

OUTER CASE : Silver hallmarks matching the inner. Silver in very nice condition throughout, with just a few light scratches on the back. The catch button and hinge are fine, though the end of the catch spring is missing so the case doesn’t snap shut (though it stays closed correctly when shut).

Robert Roskell is listed in Liverpool and London between 1798 and 1830.

The case maker is Edward Maddock, of Edmund Street, Liverpool.