Gold Paris watch with virgule escapement

Stock No. 1725

Paris, c1800
Gold case, , 62 mm
Virgule escapement, centre seconds


A very large and impressive Paris gold watch, with a very rare virgule escapement. All in good condition.

MOVEMENT : Virgule escapement, with gold escape wheel and going barrel. All in very good original condition with the gilding still bright. Running well.

DIAL : White enamel dial, in perfect condition. Fine matching gilt hands, and blued steel centre seconds.

CASE : Rose gold, no marks except for the case number “5351”. Tests as gold (above 14 ct.).

The gilt cuvette is signed “Lepine, Paris”and the two apertures marked “Wind up” and “Set the hands”.

Both covers are sprung and spring open by pressing the button on the stem (the back gold cover) or the small stud on the side of the case (gilt cuvette).

The case is in good condition. There is slight distortion to the bow and some scratches on the gilt cuvette. One small bump on the front bezel (at 3 o’clock) but otherwise fine. The hinges and catches are fine and the case and cuvette snap shut nicely. The crystal is fine.

Jean Antoine Lepine worked in Paris (from Geneva) from 1744 until 1810. During some of this time he was the horologer to Louis XV. This watch, with the cuvette engraved in English, may have been made for the overseas market.