Early Paris verge

Stock No. 1682

Jean Artus
Paris, c1720
Gilt case, 57.5 mm.
Verge escapement


An early French ‘oignon’ verge.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with a very large and beautifully engraved and pierced gilt balance bridge. Ornate silver brackets to the large silver regulator disk. Four elongated Egyptian pillars.

Signed “J. Artus a Paris”.

In very good condition and running well.

DIAL : Very attractive gilt dial, with black numerals each painted on a raised enamel cartouches for hours and minutes.

In good condition, with some very fine restoration to the V, X and 50 cartouches.

Excellent early steel beetle and poker hands.

CASE : A large gilt case, engraved with military emblems, animals, foliage and scrolls around the bezel and back. The stem is original but the brass bow is a replacement.

In good condition with even wear to the gilding on the outer surfaces. The hinges are fine and the bezel closes nicely. Good high dome bull’s eye crystal.

Jean Artus is listed in Paris circa 1720.