Fine quality London ruby duplex repeater

Stock No. 1677

Thomas Frederick Cooper
London, 1835
Gold case, 46.5 mm.
Ruby duplex escapement
Half quarter repeating

Price £2850

A mid 19th century gold repeating watch, with a ruby duplex escapement in a fine gold case, by an excellent London maker.

MOVEMENT : A good quality jewelled gilded movement with a ruby duplex escapement and compensated balance
The half quarter repeat is activated but turning the button on the stem 90 degrees and then plunging. This strikes the hour gong once for each hour, both gongs for each quarter, and then the hour gong again for the half quarter, ie. if passed the seven and a half minute mark.
Both watch and repeating mechanism are running well.

The repeat occasionally misses the half quarter strike, or strikes it slightly too early, especially around 11:45 and 12:45.

DIAL : White enamel dial, with subsidiary seconds, signed as the movement.
In good condition but with a short hairline right on the edge between 4 and 5.
Not quite matching gilt fleur de lys hands.

CASE : 18ct gold with London hallmarks for 1835, maker PM. The band is engraved with foliage and the back has engine turned engraving.
The cuvette is signed :
T.F. Cooper
Grays Inn Road, LONDON
No. 2450

The hinge to the cuvette is a little worn, but the cuvette does snap shut properly. The hinge to the back and bezel are fine and again both snap shut correctly. The synthetic crystal has some light scratches.
Complete with black leather travelling case, with blue velvet and cream silk lining. In good condition.

Thomas Frederick Cooper, a maker of high repute, is listed at Gray’s Inn Road, London from 1820 until 1875.