Early Paris Verge

Stock No. 1643

Jean Jolly
Paris, c1700
Gilt case, 59 mm.


An early French ‘oignon’ verge, with a very clean movement in a beautifully engraved gilt case.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with a large engraved and finely pierced balance bridge, showing scrolls and two birds to the centre. Silver regulator disk. Central steel coquerette to the balance bridge.

Signed “I. IOLLY A Paris”

In good condition, and running well.

DIAL : Attractive white enamel dial, with bold black numerals. Early style with no minute markers.

The enamel is in excellent condition, with just some tiny flakes around the central aperture, and very light, short hairlines on the edge at 8.

This dial is a very early replacement, shown by a second set of holes in the dial plate, added to accommodate this dial. The dial feet have been reattached, and the dial is pinned firmly to the plate.

Nice blued steel beetle & poker hands.

CASE : A gilt brass engraved case, in good condition with very little wear. The stem and bow both appear to be original. The large square hinge is fine and the bezel closes, just leaving a small gap near the stem. The bezel in engraved with scrolls and foliage, the back with flowers, birds and animals around a vase to the centre

The high dome crystal is in good condition with just one short scratch.

The maker is probably Jean Jolly (1691-1701) of Rue de Harlay, Paris (Tardy – Dictionnaire des Horlogers Francais).