Paris gold & enamel watch

Stock No. 1638

David Frederic Duvernoy
Paris, c1776
Gold & enamel case, 36.5 mm.
Verge escapement


An 18th century Paris verge escapement pocket watch, in a fine gold and enamel case. FOR REPAIR.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, with engraved and pierced balance bridge, large silver regulator disk and four round pillars.

Signed ‘Duvernoy, A PARIS’ and numbered ‘644’.

The balance is absent (wheel, verge staff and hairspring) and the end of the potence (holding the balance’s lower pivot) has broken off. With the exception of these parts, the movement is complete and seems in good condition.

DIAL : White enamel dial, with gilt minute markers.

In good condition, with just a couple of short scratches, some tiny chips around the edge and a flake at the winding aperture. No repairs.

Fine gold hands.

CASE : A wonderful gold and enamel case, with a blue guilloche enamel panel to the back.
The back, and the bezel are decorated with engraved gold borders of leaves, with some blue enamel highlights. The blue panel on the back is surrounded by a ring of white enamel faux pearls.

Paris gold marks on the stem and on the inside of the back, for the period 1775 to 1781. The case tests as high carat gold.

The gold is in excellent condition with no significant damage or wear.

Much of the blue enamel highlights to the engraved borders is missing, but the white enamel is virtually complete with just a little wear. The blue enamel guilloche panel is complete, with no cracks, but some scratches. The high dome crystal is fine.

The hinges are good and the front cover closes tightly.

David Frederic Duvernoy is listed in Paris in 1776.