Early London clockwatch

Stock No. 1626

John Berry
London, c1690
Silver case, 58 mm.
Clockwatch with repeat, verge escapement


A beautiful quality early London clockwatch, striking hourly, and with repeat on demand.

MOVEMENT : Signed (John Berry, London) and numbered 616.

This is a dual train movement with verge escapement. Engraved and pierced winged balance cock, with foliage engraving and mask to the centre. Fine Egyptian (3) and balluster (2) pillars.

Two winding arbors, one through the balance cock which winds the fusee, and the other winds the strike barrel.

On the passing hour the hammer strikes the steel bell for each hour. The strike can be repeated by pressing the button on the stem.

All in good, original condition, running well and striking/repeating correctly.

DIAL : A fine silver champleve dial, signed as the movement. Typically late 17thc blued steel hands. All in excellent condition.

CASE : Heavy silver case, pierced to the bezel, inner gallery and band on the back. Further engraving to the centre of the back.

All in good condition. The steel bell, screwed to the inside is fine with no damage or repairs. The hinge and high dome crystal are fine and the bezel snaps shut.

The bow is probably later, and is slightly distorted.

There are three watchmakers named John Berry listed in London around this period. They were apprenticed between 1674 and 1687. This watch dates from the late 17th century.

PROVENANCE : The Collection of Dr Trevor Hyde, Sydney.