Silver pair case with interesting family provenance

Stock No. 1617

Daniel Constable
London, c1725
Silver pair cases, 56 mm
Verge escapement


An early 18th century London verge, with an interesting family provenance.

MOVEMENT : Gilded movement with verge escapement, the winged balance cock finely engraved and pierced with a mask at the neck. Silver regulator disk, four square pillars and blued screws.

Signed (D. CONSTABLE, LONDON) and numbered (873).

The movement is in good condition and is running well.

DIAL : A white enamel dial.

Average condition, with some damage around the edge at 3 and 7,m and a small chip at the centre.

Gilt hands.

The dial is later than the movement, probably late 18th century.

INNER CASE : Silver, with no hallmarks.

A few bruises and an old repair/reinforce of the stem. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut though gapes a little. The high dome crystal is good.

The inner case is engraved with family names and dates (see Provenance below).

OUTER CASE : A silver pair case with maker’s mark ISB.

In good condition, with a few bruises to the bezel and a dent to the catch button. The catch and hinge are all fine and the bezel snaps shut.

The watch is held in a fitted maroon Morocco leather case. A perfect fit, so certainly made for this watch. There are a few scuffs but overall in good, complete condition. The hinge and catch are fine.

Daniel Constable is listed at Fleet Street, London from 1714 until his insolvency in 1730.

PROVENANCE : The back of the inner cases is engraved with family names (presumably Scandinavian) and dates :

Hans Lundgren 1749 + 24/12 1803

Sophia M. Giutrelke f., Lundgren 7/9 1791 + 22/2 1878

F. Martina P. Nilsson, J. Giutrelke 3/10 1811 + 20/3 1883

H. Rudolf J. Nilsson 1/2 1834 + 19/5 1909

John Robert Lundgren 11/4 1885 + 22/6 1970