Silver pair cased verge with named dial

Stock No. 1605

William Williams
London 1794
Silver pair cases, 56.5 mm
Verge escapement


A late 18th century pair cased verge, the dial with the owner’s name in place of hours.

MOVEMENT : Signed (Wm. Williams, London) and numbered (4186).
Gilt brass verge movement, with four round pillars, engraved and pierced balance cock and engraved plate.

The movement is in good condition and is running, but fast (gaining about 10 minutes per hour).

DIAL : A fine white enamel dial, with the owner’s name (HENRY LEVERETT) replacing the numbers on the hourly chapter ring.

In good condition, with no repairs, and just a couple of small flakes at the centre.

Fine matching arrowhead gilt hands.

A very unusual and interesting feature of this dial is seen from the back (see photo), where the watchmaker’s instructions to the dial maker are outlined, indicating how the letters are to be arranged.

INNER CASE : Silver, with London hallmarks for 1794, maker JC?.

In good condition throughout. A few light bruises to the back and a little wear around the hinge. The hinge itself is fine and the bezel snaps shut.
The bull’s eye, high dome crystal is perfect.

OUTER CASE : Silver with matching hallmarks to the inner.

In good condition. The catch, catch button and hinge are all fine and the case snaps shut securely. Just some scratches to the inside of the back, and a few marks to the silver on the back which are left by the casting of the silver.

A William Williams is listed at The Stand, London from 1781 until 1790.