Silver pair cased rack lever

Stock No. 1580

Benjamin Turpin
London, 1820
Silver pair cases, 59 mm
Rack lever escapement


A fine quality London pocket watch, with rack lever escapement, in very good overall condition.

MOVEMENT : Gilded movement with rack lever escapement, jewelled (top and bottom) to all 3 wheels, diamond endstone to the balance cock, blued steel screws and four round pillars. Polished steel balance wheel.

Signed (TURPIN, Banner Square, London) and numbered (1157).

The movement is in very good condition and is running well.

The movement is protected by a removable gilt dustcap, engraved with the owner’s name (Thos. Bowles, London) and dated (1820). The dustcap is certainly original to the movement, as it fits perfectly, has the same style of engraving and is dated to match the silver marks on the cases.

DIAL : A fine white enamel dial, with subsidiary seconds.

In very good condition with just a very faint hairline from the centre towards 1.

Nice matching gold coloured hands.

INNER CASE : Silver, with hallmarks for London, 1819/20, and maker’s mark WF.

A heavy case, in good condition throughout.

The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly. The high dome bull’s eye crystal is in good condition, with no chips and just some light scratches.

OUTER CASE : A silver pair case with silver and maker’s marks matching the inner.

Again in good condition. The catch, catch button and hinge are all fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly.

This watch is probably by Benjamin Turpin, who is listed in London between 1817 and 1829.
He was succeeded by his widow, Susannah Turpin, who herself was succeeded by George Turpin. From 1857 the business became Turpin Brothers, still at Banner Square, Finsbury, London.