Verge with owner’s name on dial and movement

Stock No. 1573

English, 1827
Silver pair cases, 57.5 mm
Verge escapement


An interesting pair cased verge, with the owner’s name on both dial and movement.

MOVEMENT : Signed (Jams. Strong) gilt brass verge movement, with four round pillars, engraved and pierced balance cock and engraved plate. Bosley type regulator.

The movement is running ok, but in average condition. One pillar top is broken off, the balance cock has lost a section of the rim on the right hand side, and has been repaired at the centre.

The name plate has been ground, where the original maker’s name has been removed and replaced with the owner’s name (James Strong).

DIAL : A fine cream dial, with the owner’s name replacing the numbers, and a sun symbol at 12.

In almost mint condition, with just a few very small light scratches.
The dial appears to be original, or made specially for the movement, as the feet of the dial, and dial false plate all line up correctly with no holes added.

INNER CASE : Silver, with very worn hallmarks for Birmingham, 1827?, maker EB.

In reasonable condition throughout. The hinge has a sleeve replaced, but this has been done well and the bezel snaps shut. The bull’s eye, high dome crystal has a small chip right on the edge at 8, but otherwise ok.

OUTER CASE : Silver with worn hallmarks matching the inner.

In average condition. The catch, catch button and hinge are all fine and the case snaps shut securely, but there are old repairs to the back, just below the neck.