French cylinder clockwatch

Stock No. 1570

Vuilleumier Freres
France c1820
Gold case, 51.5 mm.
Cylinder escapement, clockwatch with hourly repeat


This is a fine and substantial Swiss clockwatch, automatically striking the hours and half hours (an hourly repeat on demand), with cylinder escapement, in a rose gold case, with silver guilloche dial.

MOVEMENT : A gilt movement with cylinder escapement, striking with two polished steel hammers on two steel gongs.

The hours (single strike) and half hours (double on 2 gongs) strike automatically, though this may be disabled by a slide on the band of the case. The hourly repeating function is activated by pressing on the stem.

The movement is in very good condition, and is running well. The blued screws and the polished steel work are fine, with just a few light scratches.

The strike and repeat functions are working correctly with a nice clear chime. The movement has twin mainsprings (for watch and strike). These are both wound from the back.

DIAL : Fine floral guilloche silver dial.

In good condition, with just a few very light marks and very light scratches.

The hands are gilt Breguet style and are set from the back.

CASE : The substantial rose gold case has engine turning to the back and the band. The inner gilt cuvette is signed.

The stem and bow are both rose gold. The inner gold back of the case is stamped with the case numbers, case maker (HC) and the French gold mark of 3 chevrons.

The case is in excellent condition, with virtually no wear to the engine turning. All hinges are fine and the bezel, back cover and cuvette all close correctly. Good crystal.

The gold chain is 14cm. long, with a gold key set with a faceted shield-shaped amethyst.

There were a number of watchmakers in the Vuilleumier family, in both France & Switzerland in the early 19th century. This watch was probably made in Besancon, in France.