Austrian enamel cased verge

Stock No. 1557

Johan Georg Hofer
Vienna, c1800
Enamel & silver gilt case, 43.5 mm
Verge escapement


An Austrian verge, with polychrome dial in a beautifully enamelled silver gilt case.
This fine case is typical of Vienna enamel work of this period.

MOVEMENT : Gilded verge escapement, with engraved and pierced balance bridge. Polished steel coquerette. Four baluster pillars and silver regulator disk.

Signed (Johan Georg Hofer in Wien) and numbered (1080).

The movement is in reasonable condition, a little worn but complete. There is a short crack to the edge of the balance cock, and another to the rim of the balance wheel.

It is running well though a little fast. Occasionally slips a small amount when winding, but winds fully ok.

DIAL : Polychrome enamel dial, painted with a cherub in a clouded sky.

In reasonable condition, with a few marks, a chip at the winding aperture, and a few more around the edge. There is one foot (of the three) that is missing to the underside of the dial, but the dial is held firmly to the movement by the other two.

Gilt Breguet style steel hands.

CASE : A beautiful silver gilt case, with enamel panels to back and inside back.

Silver gilt bow, stem, bezel and surround to the enamel on the back.
The enamel on the back shows two cherubs bathing, and the inside enamel shows a pastoral scene.
The enamel of the case itself is decorated with pink scrolls and masks over a cream background.

The case is in very good condition. The silver gilt has no damage though wear to the gilding on the outside surfaces.
The enamel is excellent, with no cracks and only a few small scratches.

The hinge is fine and the bezel closes shut.