Large oval cased repeating verge

Stock No. 1522

Swiss, c1800
Gilt brass cases, 79 mm. x 65 mm. (excluding stem)
Verge, quarter repeating movement


A Swiss quarter repeater, in a very large and unusual oval hunter case.

MOVEMENT : Gilded movement with small silver regulator disk, and beautifully pierced and engraved balance bridge with polished steel coquerette.

All in good condition. Running well and repeating correctly, striking on two blued steel gongs.

DIAL : White enamel dial, in quite good condition. One hairline running through the centre from 3 to 9, chips around the winding aperture and a few scratches.

Blued steel Breguet type hands.

CASE : A very large, oval, gilt brass half hunter case.

The movement is accessed by an inner cover to the back, so it is wound (and hands set) through two small holes in the crystal. However the crystal is acrylic and the front of the inner case would originally of opened to access, so this a later modification.
Originally the dial would have had an undrilled mineral crystal and the inner front cover would have lifted to access the dial for winding and setting.

In good condition throughout, although the inner hinge has been repaired.