Stock No. : 1501

France, c1820
Silver case
Cylinder, quarter repeating movement


This is an excellent quality, silver, quarter repeating French pocket watch, with a cylinder movement. This watch is of a much higher grade that the standard French and Swiss repeaters of this period.

MOVEMENT : Signed (Vaucher) and numbered (13002) gilded cylinder movement with engraved balance cock and barrel covers.

The hour/quarter repeating function is activated by pushing down the stem. The repeater strikes two gongs, with one chime for the hours and two for the quarters. The movement is in very good condition and both watch and repeating functions are working well.

DIAL : Signed white enamel. Almost mint condition with just a few very light small scratches. Blued steel Breguet style hands.

CASE : Silver, with signed and numbered gilt cuvette. Milled band and plain back.

All in very good condition with just some light scratches to the back. The cuvette and covers all close correctly, and the hinges and crystal are fine.