Early London verge with unusual pillars

Stock No. 1477

Charles Bellamy
London, c1710
Nickel pair cases, 62 mm
Verge escapement


An early London verge with unusual silver pillars, in later pair cases.

MOVEMENT : Gilt verge movement, the engraved and pierced winged balance cock with a wide ‘D’ shaped foot and engraved mask. Four very unusual silver pillars, with gilt crests, each with a mask within the silver panel.


In good condition and working, though there is a little wear to the engraving on the plate above the regulator disc.

DIAL : Later cream enamel dial, in very good condition.
Just a couple of very light hairlines. Later gilt brass hands.

INNER CASE : White metal, probably nickel.

Generally in good condition, though the nickel surface rubbed in parts. The hinge is fine and the bezel snaps shut correctly.
The high dome bull’s eye crystal is perfect.

OUTER CASE : Nickel, matching the inner.

In very good condition throughout, again with some rubbing. The hinge and catch are fine and the case closes correctly.
Just one light bruise to the band and a dent to the catch button.

The back is nicely engraved with a dedication : “John Pattrini?, Born August, 1846”.

It is probable that the later dial and pair case were added to the movement at this date.