Early 17th Century Watch for the Ottoman market

Stock No. 1400
Continental, c1630
Silver oval case, 57 mm. X 52 mm.
Verge escapement


An early 17th century verge watch, with Ottoman dial, in an oval silver case.

MOVEMENT : Unsigned oval gilt verge movement, with a beautifully engraved and pierced silver filigree panel covering the top plate. Engraved and pierced brass balance cock with cross hatched engraved triangular foot. Four ornate pierced openwork pillars. Steel balance wheel, with two spokes.

The single hand is driven from the fusee wheel which is driven by a gut line from the mainspring. The mainspring set up is by a steel square on the top plate and a sprung ratchet under the mainspring barrel.

All in good condition. The movement runs, though fast.

DIAL : Beautiful silver and gilt brass oval dial, repeating the silver floral filigree work to the centre and a gilt chapter ring with Turkish numerals. Iron hand, probably original.

A few scratches to the brass chapter ring, but generally in fine condition.

CASE : Silver oval case, with no maker’s marks. Engraved foliage decoration with gilt highlights. Original stem and heavy silver bow. Sliding shutter over the winding aperture.

The case is in excellent condition, with just some wear to the gilded areas. The hinge and the catch are fine and the bezel closes correctly.

This watch was probably made in continental Europe, for export to the Ottoman empire. However the style of engraving on the case and the filigree silver work on the top plate also suggest that it may have been made in the Middle East by one of the watch making facilities set up by European makers to supply the Ottoman market.